In 1986, Tewksbury Physical Therapy was established with the express purpose of providing efficient, expert care to individuals suffering from a range of injuries, disorders, and conditions. In order to serve as many patients as possible, our second location, Drum Hill Physical and Sports Therapy, was opened in 1989. The services available at both facilities include physical therapyoccupational therapy.

Primary Care from the Professionals

From orthopedic injuries, like strains and sprains, to lifelong conditions, such as scoliosis, you can feel confident turning to us for the treatment you need. In addition to the personalized primary care plans available for patients just like you, we also create unique programs that involve pre- and post-surgical intervention.

Neurological problems associated with stroke and multiple sclerosis can also be treated from the comfort of our welcoming facility. Supported by a compassionate, experienced team, our services are able to produce the rehabilitating results you desire. By remaining members of the following professional groups, we stay familiar with the latest advances in the physical therapy field:

  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • New England Physical Therapy Network

Trust Certified, Experienced Therapists

Our staff utilizes the most up-to-date techniques in physical and occupational principles in order to establish patient-specific programs. They routinely attend continuing education seminars to stay current with changes taking place in the focused field of rehabilitation. The occupational therapists we employ are fully certified with extensive experience in treating surgical and non-surgical, hand and upper extremity injuries.

The teams serving at both of our locations make it their mission to help patients lead healthier, more active lifestyles. Whether this means reducing symptoms of pain and discomfort, or even healing the underlying cause of existing problems, you can depend on us.

What to Expect at Our Locations

In 2009, our therapy practice moved into a new, expansive 9000 sq. ft. facility on Main Street in Tewksbury. Only two years later in 2011, our alternative location moved into a modern, 5000 sq. ft. facility located in Chelmsford.

Both of these facilities offer private treatment areas, open rehabilitation spaces, and modern exercise equipment. The Tewksbury site actually houses a performance training center, which is equipped with a full fitness facility. The fitness facility includes an 80-foot sprint track, a line of circuit equipment, free weights, cardiovascular equipment, and open floor space for sports specific training.

Do you have questions regarding the treatments offered by Tewksbury Physical Therapy? Contact us at your earliest convenient for more information about our facilities. We proudly serve residents of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, as well as the nearby communities.