As the name suggests, physical therapy is the field of medicine that focuses on the use of physical methods to treat disorders and injuries. Should a condition like this make it difficult to lead the lifestyle you desire, then it’s time to take action.

Tewksbury Physical Therapy is committed to providing patients just like you with consistent and comprehensive care. Sooner than you ever thought possible, you’ll find yourself able to enjoy some of your favorite pastimes and activities once again.

Founded in 1986, it has remained our priority to this day to develop unique solutions for each and every individual who walks through the door. Instead of offering generic therapies that don’t address your specific needs, we offer personalized plans designed to produce the results you desire.

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What sets our center apart from the others in the area is the fact that you always receive compassionate, attentive care during every visit. We keep in mind your functional limitations, allowing you to feel confident in your progress throughout the entire treatment process.

Physical Therapy

Continual education remains equally important, as we believe that the more you understand your condition, the more proactive you will be during recovery. This includes us providing you with as many resources as possible to ensure you don’t suffer re-injury. From sports injuries to degenerative diseases, turning to a physical therapist from our group may be exactly what you need to improve the quality of your life.

Specializing in the Treatment of Sports Injuries

Athletes are incredibly susceptible to suffering injuries ranging from mild to severe. The treatment of sport-induced injuries and conditions happens to be a specialty of ours here at the facility. Not only do we help resolve the underlying problem causing your pain or discomfort, but we also aid in the restoration of your full athletic abilities.

In fact, our center is equipped with a performance training center. Featuring an 80-foot sprint track, a full line of circuit equipment, free weights, cardiovascular equipment, and open floor space, our patients get to take advantage of effective fitness programs from the comfort of our convenient location.

Learn More About the Physical Therapy Treatment We Offer

There is no disorder or condition that is beyond the scope of our expertise. The primary services available at our location cover orthopedic injuries, such as sprains, strains, fractures and scoliosis.

Pre- and post-surgical intervention is also available as a part of our primary care program. Even when it comes to neurological problems associated with stroke and MS, physical therapy proves effective. To learn more about the services available at our practice, visit the following pages:

Are you ready to become a patient of Tewksbury Physical Therapy? Contact us at your earliest convenience to set up an initial consultation at our facility. We proudly serve Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas.